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:iconiamdreggman:iamdreggman posted a status
            1500 Points Goofy Legs Art Contest!

So originally I had planned to pay for a commission for this animation request, but instead it would be better to put it in the style of a contest.

So what are the rules?

The contest is to create an animation based on this funky leg move that people do! You know, that move where you shake and wobble your legs! 
It can either be done by one of these 2 ways:

Crazy Legs Dance:

Charleston Dance:

(I would prefer the dancer to be female)
This contest will last until March 10th.  1st place gets 1,500 points, second place gets 500, and third gets 250. Sorry if the amount of points are too little, I'm running low on them. Anyways, good luck to everyone!

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